Who We Are

Ummah Nabawiah Afghan Children’s Charity (UNACC) is a non-profit and charitable organization aiming to enhance the well-being of orphaned children in Afghanistan. Through innovative projects and advocacy work, we help children live and grow in a safe and secure environment where they have access to food, shelter, education, and healthcare to enable them to become productive and contributing members of society and to realize their potential to fully participate in the building of civil society in Afghanistan

As a non-profit organization, we work independently, free of any government, institution, or political affiliation. We are a group of dedicated and committed individuals working together to protect the rights of orphaned children.

Our projects are centered primarily on rehabilitating and renovating disadvantaged children, and their orphanage homes throughout Afghanistan’s provinces to help them live in a safe and happy “home” environment.

We need support to raise awareness and spread the word on helping Afghanistan’s disadvantaged children and your kind and generous donations will help brighten the lives of these poor and destitute children. Your donation goes directly into helping implement various projects within an orphanage.