Tamim is a young boy who was born in 2007 in Kabul province. He lives with his five brothers, two sisters, and his mother.

           Tamin’s father passed away in 2014. His mother is unemployed.

           To make ends meet, all boys in the family used to sell Khajoor (Afghan pastry) on the streets of Kabul.

           The family lives in a rented two-bedroom house at Deh Afghanan in Kabul city.

           Tamim and two of his siblings now attend school.

           He currently attends grade 3 at Ayesha Durani High School. He wants to become a pilot.

           UNACC provides supports this family since 2018.

           Tamim’s family is thankful for your help. If you wish to sponsor this family, please contact: info@unacc.ca or at 647-929-0757