Zakat Maal

One Time Donation

Monthly Donation

How can you help?

We are a non-profit and charitable organization that supports and aids disadvantaged children in Afghanistan. Through our projects, we aim to develop, enhance the lives of these disadvantaged children.


Do you want to bring positive change to lives of destitute children? Volunteer with us! You will be working with passionate individuals, and other volunteers who are dedicated to achieving the UNACC mission of improving the lives of the disadvantaged, orphaned children in Afghanistan.

Sustained Donor

Join us by becoming a regular contributor and an agent of positive change in the lives of these children by donating regularly. With your regular donations, we keep the hopes, and dreams of the children alive by providing food, shelter, education, clothing, and a safe environment.

Project Specific Funding

You may select and fund specific projects that appeal to your heart. There is always a funding need for specific projects, such as: building clean bedrooms, accessible bathrooms, washrooms, providing evening meals, or renovating playing grounds. Please visit our project tab.


Would you like to help us raise funds for upcoming projects? Help give to society and a worthy cause by putting together a fundraising event for these children. Your help in raising funds is the only way UNACC can pay for the projects and programs that we wish to organize.