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We wanted the children at the Charikar orphanage to enjoy and celebrate the Eid ul-Fitr full heartedly. We can not make up for the missing love and caretaking of parents but what we can do is put a smile on each child's face. One way to achieve both goals was to provide new clothing for the Eid ul-Fitr.

We asked the children what kind of clothing they wanted and they decided to get traditional clothing as they are more comfortable and also the government provides only pants and shirt. The children noted that they do like wearing pants and shirts for school but the traditional clothing will provide more comfort after school and during the night.

We accepted their wish and try to find a sustainable way of providing the clothing. Our goal was not necessary to find the cheapest clothing, but rather use local sources to deliver the clothing. We found a local tailor who was able and willing to deliver the clothing for the orphans. This way he could also make all clothing custom fit and also very importantly: revenues stay in the local community.

We started the project on July 1st 2012 and finished it on August 11. In total we gave 136 boys and 2 girls new clothing. The detailed spending for the project were as follows:

Description & Total Price

Material cost for all boys (136): $640(USD)
Cost of sewing the cloth: $540 (USD)
Underwear: $60 (USD)
Clothing for girls (2): $20 (USD)
Eid gift for each (100 Afg each): $280 (USD)

Total: $1,540(USD)

The following picture shows the distribution of the clothing and Eidie:

The following picture shows the children in the new clothing.

The above program is achieved through the support of caring individuals, families, and our local mosque.

We thank all our donors for their kind contributions. May you be rewarded for your generosity.