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Eid Charity Drive

Donation Date: May 16th to June 4th

Total Collected: $12,710 CAD dollar!

Dear Donors/Supporters,

To ensure transparency to our dedicated donors/supporters who contributed to the UNACC Eid Charity Drive we would like to inform you that with all praises to Allah we collected an amazing $12,710 CAD dollar! To make use of these funds we exchanged the money equivalent to $9,248 USD. Additionally, we paid $101.68 to cover the wire transfer fee.

We utilized your generous Fydia contributions and purchased 50 bags of rice and distributed it along with $50 USD (which was further converted to the local Afghani currency) to the first 50 families/individuals. The remaining families/individuals received from a range of $7 - $75 USD depending on their family size, individual age, and living conditions.

In all, we provided assistance to over 200 needy individuals and families. We thank you for your philanthropic donations and support and may Allah swt bless you for helping those who are less fortunate in this blessed month of Ramadan.

Please see below picture of some people who receive your assistance.

The above program is achieved through the support of caring individuals, families, and our local mosque.

We thank all our donors for their kind contributions. May you be rewarded for your generosity.