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Charikar Ophanage Construction

The orphans had to use a running stream to collect water and use it for their daily needs. They lacked hygienic washrooms to shower. They were using a metal sheet as a screen for an outdoor open pit toilet. This open pit toilet was located in a corner of their orphanage. They had to use it in the long and cold winter months. After our initial survey, our organization raised funds to tackle and resolve these two important tasks. Below were pictures of the filthy and destroyed bathrooms that were unusable by the orphanage's children. They had to use an outdoor open pit as a toilet.

Picture above is a view of the filthy washrooms

The picture above is the foundation of the new bathroom being build

Another view of the finished bathroom and washroom buildings

New bathroom (front building), and washroom building (rear white building)

Hot water tank for the newly built washroom

Newly renovated washrooms, vanity & sink, and hot water tank

New slide for the children

New shoe rack for the children

The above program is achieved through the support of caring individuals, families, and our local mosque.

We thank all our donors for their kind contributions. May you be rewarded for your generosity.