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Washing Clothes

Young orphans at the Charikaar Orphanage must complete chores, which includes washing their own clothes. Our organization decided to help fund this program in order to give these children time to concentrate on developing their educational skills.

Our program has two aims of achievements: The first is to help ease the burden on these children, and the second is to support local widows, and the economy.

Two widows were hired to cime in twice a week to wash the clothes of these orphans, and support themselves by earning an income.

This program was started April 11, 2012. The monthly cost for the widows' hard work is $120 USD.

We have accomplished our corporate strategy, which is to provide a clean and healthy environment for these orphans.

The above program is achieved through the support of caring individuals, families, and our local mosque.

We thank all our donors for their kind contributions. May you be rewarded for your generosity.