We at UNACC want to achieve the best possible impact per donated Dollar of our generous community. So we thought long and hard how we can help the needy children in Afghanistan in the best possible way.

1. Create a Project that will help the children become a future

After some thinking we decided that we should not only feed and cloth children, but ensure a future for them through education. There are many kids in Afghanistan who would love nothing more then getting an education. But they are sometimes in situations where they have to be the main breadwinners at a very young age, the kids that have to work on the streets.

2. Identify Children working on the street

So this is what we do:

Our Afghanistan team walks through the streets in Kabul and searches for kids who work at a very young age. They approach the children and engage them into a conversation to find out why they work instead of going to school. Should they work due to circumstances like they are orphans, their father is unable to work due to sickness, support of younger siblings, or other financial burdens, then we asked them to take us to their home immediately to talk to the family.

3. Ensure the children continue their education

At their home we interview the other family members to verify the facts. Once we know that this family needs help, we make a deal:

UNACC helps the family on a monthly base financially as long as the child or their children start going to school and and get an education.

We will verify with their teachers and monitor their education, in return the family will ensure they continue going to school and not back to work on the streets.

We at UNACC hope that we will allow as many children as possible to become an education, which would be impossible without your support. We are all volunteers and do our work to please Allah and help our community.

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Families that we support

Families that we no longer support